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Terms and privacy

Terms of Use

Visitors to the web site are allowed use of the web site text, images, and other information or media as displayed through a typical web browser for personal, non-commercial, informational purposes only. Visitors may also create hyperlinks or other references to content on the web site on their own web sites; however, "hot linking" to images or other media on the web site is strictly forbidden. Under no circumst ances may a visitor reproduce, copy, or otherwise disseminate portions or entirety of the content of the web site without express written permission from the web site owner.

A visitor to the web site assumes all responsibilities and risks for the use of the web site.

Visitors are not licensed or granted any other rights to the web site beyond those expressed in this policy.

Privacy Policy

The web site automatically collects date of visit, and pages visited by each visitor to the web site. Such information is used to improve the content of the web site or for security purposes, and is not shared with other organizations. The web site does not set any cookies on the visitor's web browser.

E-mail addresses or any other personal information of visitors to our web site is not collected or stored, unless the visitor specifically provides such information. The web site does not partner with or have special relationships with any ad server companies, nor is any visitor information supplied to ad server companies.