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In Symbiotic Sciences we have developed SyMyco which is family of products providing viable, healthy, genetically pure, high quality fungal Mycorrhiza in various formulations

SyMyco, a family of products that incorporates viable, healthy, genetically pure, high quality AMF in various formulations for applications in

  • Conventional and Organic Farming
  • Horticulture, Forestry, and Landscaping
  • Erosion Control and Soil Restoration
Symyco Available in
Liquid Inoculants: Seed treatment, Root dipping, In-furrow with seed, through irrigation system
Powder: Seed treatment, Root dipping, In-furrow with seed, blend with fertilizer
Granules: Tilling, Banding with seed or fertilizer, blending with transplant media or plug
  Symyco Treated:
logoSymyco Description Benefits
SyMyco is Viable, Healthy,
Genetically Pure, High Quality
Fungal Culture.
Facilitates higher uptake of nutrients and water from soil.
Non Pathogenic. Enhances yield and reduces synthetic fertilizer usage.
Not Genetically Modified. Result in vigorous and healthy plants
Unlimited Shelf life. Increases drought tolerance and other stresses
Cost Effective Reduces soil erosion and improves soil fertility.
Our current product offering
SyMyco AMF suite
  • Pure/Concentrated Mycorrhizal fungi of single specie or as a consortium of multiple species for a wide range of host plants in agriculture, landscaping, forestry and horticulture
Custom Solutions
  • Collaborative development of specific formulations undertaken.
More crop specific products coming soon...


Uniquely formulated for Soybean with beneficial mycorrhiza and bradyrhizobium for increased yield and nutrient uptake. SymBean™ provides agricultural producers an edge that allows them to benefit from the advantages of mycorrhizae.

  • Seed treatment for Soybean.
  • Leverages the symbiosis between Mycorrhizae, Rhizobium and the host plants.
  • Average yield enhancement of 5% to 20% observed with reduced input.
  • Helps other beneficial microbes to perform better.