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Potato Trials by Symbiotic Sciences

Location:: Haryana

Trial Size: Nearly 3 acres of land had been set up for Trial in different location in Haryana.

Soil Type: Trial laid out was in Sandy & Sandy Loam.

Seed Variety & Seed Rate:Variety was Pukhraj and seed rate being 12-15 quintal/acre.

Timing :Sowing – October last week
             Harvesting – January last week

Harvest and Yield Details:
  • A Difference in yield around 4.35% - 16.66% between Mycorrhized fields and Non Mycorrhized field.
  • 2 Trials Suffered by Disease Named Blight- But then too Mycorrhized Fields Showed an Average Yield Increase of 4.34% to 7.31% When Compared to Non Mycorrhized Fields.
  • Plants inoculated with SyMyco (Mycorrhiza) responded better in terms of growth and Biomass.
  • Farmers used standard fertilizer dose in both practices.
  Demonstration Pictures:
Farmer Name Village Acre Average Yield (Quintal/Acre)
with Mycorrhiza
Average Yield (Quintal/Acre)
in Near By Fields

Rameshvar Das

Panjaton, Ambala 1 112 96


Tapriyan, Yamnanagar 1 118 106

Sardara Kumar

Gari, Panchkula 1/2 44 41

Naresh Kumar

Fatehpur, Ambala 1/2 48 46
Yield Increment Graph