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Baby Corn Trial By Symbiotic Sciences

Location: Ladhowal, Ludhiana, Punjab.

Trial Size: Nearly 1.5 hectare of land had been set up for Trial in Phase I with 2 replications of Fertilizer treatment.

Soil Type: Trial laid out was in Sandy Loam and Sandy Soil.

Seed Variety & Seed Rate:TFor trial Syngenta G -5414 was tested and seed rate being 6 kg/acre.

Timing :Sowing – 2nd week of May'10, Harvesting – 2nd week of July'10

Fertilizer Level : Trial was performed at three fertilizer levels –

  • T1-100% Recommended Dose of Fertilizer (RDF)
  • T2-100% RDF + SymCorn
  • T3-75% RDF + SymCorn

Harvest and Yield Details:
  • Inoculation response to Baby Corn showed that yield increase to the extent of 6.5% and 11.9% in T2 and T3 respectively when compared to T1.
  • More over SymCorn not only increased with yield, it also helped in overall growth of the plants roots, and plants responded better with SymCorn when compared with non SymCorn inoculated plants.
  • Trials at ACE showed SymCorn inoculated plants in T2 and T3 produced higher yield when compared with Non SymCorn inoculated plants in T1.
  • T3 showed a yield difference of 8.8 quintals when compared with T1. Here NPK applied in T3 was 25% less than T1.
    whereas difference in yield when compared with T1 and T2 was of 4.6 quintals.
  Difference in Roots:
  Demonstration Pictures:
Treatments Standard fertilization 100% fertilizer with Mycorrhiza 75% fertilizer with treated seed
  R1 R2 R1 R2 R1 R2
Harvest qty (kgs) 4022 3361 4142 3704 4359 3904
Total yield 7383   7846   8263  
Mean yd/ac (kgs) 3691.5   3923   4131.5  

Fertilizer Dose:

Fertilizer in Kgs/Acre T1 T2 T3
UREA 100 100 75
DAP 120 120 90
MOP 25 25 12
T= Trial
R = Replication