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All India Farmer's Fair and Agro- Industrial Exhibition 2011

SYMBIOTIC SCIENCES Pvt. Ltd. participated and secured 2nd position in All India Farmer's Fair and Agro- Industrial Exhibition 2011 at G.B Pantnagar University of Agriculture and Technology, Uttarakhand. The fair has assumed its national importance as "Krishi Kumbh". The Pantnagar University is the first agriculture university of India and even regarded as the harbinger of Indian Green Revolution. Pantnagar University is a symbol of successful partnership between India and the United States.

  Our Achievments:

89th Pantnagar Kisan Mela & Agro-industrial Exhibition:The fair was honored by the presence of eminent personalities like Shri.HARBHAJAN SINGH CHEEMA (MLA), Dr. B.S Bisht Vice-Chancellor and a few senior scientists. The farmer's fair attracted larger number of Agro-Industrial firms, agri- students, teachers and scientists, publication houses, various government and non-government organization and more than 20,000 farmers across India.

Current agricultural practices of intensive chemical fertilization and pest management, extensive cultivation, compaction, loss of organic matter, and erosion, reduce the biological activity in the soil, and more importantly, depletes the natural populations of mycorrhiza. Farmers can reverse these negative impacts that result from intensive agricultural practices by using mycorrhizal fungi. This offers a more sustainable approach to broader establishment and plant growth. It also allows the plants to access the fixed phosphorous locked in the soil and increases the overall efficiency of nutrient uptake. We at Symbiotic sciences believe our business initiative towards sustainable plant sciences will not only make the soil more productive but also much more healthy .

Activities carried out by SYMBIOTIC SCIENCES:SYMBIOTIC SCIENCES Pvt. Ltd. conducted successful trials on rabi crops at Pantnagar University and also SyMyco trial field visits were arranged for the enthusiast to have glance of the results.

Our stall was the main platform to attract various agriculture groups (farmers, students, corporate etc.). The information and knowledge were shared in the form of brochures, PPTs, pamphlets, fliers and direct communication. Our products were displayed and various inoculation processes were demonstrated by our team. Stalls were inspected by vice chancellor, dean and other jury members and SYMBIOTIC SCIENCES adjudged 2nd in the exhibition based on various parameters.

We participated in Kisan Gosthi and our team delivered special lecture on various aspects of our product SyMyco's benefits, functions, application methods and inoculation processes.