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About Us


Symbiotic Sciences Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2007. With a focus on realizing and maximizing potential of Bio Resources for agriculture. Our main aim has been on Mycorrhizal Technology and its application. Symbiotic Sciences is one of the few companies in the world who supply high-quality mycorrhiza based products.


Our mission is to provide high quality cost-effective Bio-agricultural solutions leveraging technology advancements backed by a highly experienced research team. Through introduction of various biological products we strive not only to promote plant growth but also provide a sustainable system for plant nutrition .

Current agricultural practices of intensive chemical fertilization and pest management, extensive cultivation, compaction, loss of organic matter, soil erosion, reduce the biological activity in the soil and more importantly depletes the natural populations of mycorrhiza. Farmers can reverse these negative impacts that result from intensive agricultural practices by using mycorrhizal fungi. This offers a more sustainable approach to broader establishment and plant growth. It also allows the plants to access the fixed phosphorous locked in the soil and increases the overall efficiency of nutrient uptake. We at Symbiotic sciences believe our business initiative towards sustainable plant sciences will not only make the soil more productive but also much more healthy .

A small step can make a big difference.